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Why should our Company provide Total Compensation Statements?

Do your employees understand and appreciate everything that is included in their benefits package? Do they know how much those benefits are worth to them personally? Your company offers a benefits package to remain competitive and to attract and retain quality employees. However, studies show that while the average cost to an employer to provide these benefits can be more than 36% of payroll, most employees do not know everything that is included in their benefits package, much less, what those benefits are worth.

Even the most comprehensive, all-inclusive benefits package can fall short if employees fail to realize its value.

To receive the best return on your employee benefits dollar, effective and consistent communication is key. Our personalized Total Rewards statements play an integral role in this strategy. We design your statements to coordinate with your company’s unique branding and prepare each employee’s statement with all compensation and benefits costs as it relates to them personally. Our statements…

    • are attractive, informative and enhance your company’s image;
    • are written in clear, understandable language;
    • help improve employee morale and productivity;
    • increase spousal awareness and appreciation for benefits;
    • help you retain your most valuable employees;
    • serve to attract quality job candidates.

What type of Total Compensation Statements are offered?

With two unique total compensation statement layouts…On-Demand & Custom…you are sure to find the perfect way to communicate the full value of your compensation package!

On-Demand total compensation statements…

  • provide a simple, streamlined snapshot of your company’s benefit package;
  • designed to fit any budget;
  • choose from four print-ready templates;
  • delivered in a PDF file ready for you to print and distribute to employees in-house;
  • affordable, professional statements that never compromise on quality or style;
  • perfect when you need statements in a hurry.

Custom total compensation statements…

  • are designed to accommodate a full array of complex benefit plans;
  • offer multiple layout, design and delivery options;
  • available in print or online;
  • include complete fulfillment services;
  • include broader benefit explanations such as retirement account projections, voluntary benefit enrollment status, executive compensation plans and more;
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