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Total Compensation Statements

On-Demand Statements

On-Demand statements are personalized total compensation statements designed to save you money because we prepare the statements and deliver to you ready for in-house printing and distribution. On-Demand statements offer a streamlined snapshot of your company’s benefit package through a selection of attractive, predesigned templates.

  • There are four print-ready templates from which to choose
  • You can mix and match elements from the four templates
  • Each template offers color options to support your logo and branding
  • Statements are designed on 8.5″ x 11″ letter-size paper for easy printing or viewing online
  • Statements are securely delivered to you in PDF file format for self-distribution

Custom Statements.

Custom statements offer more options giving you greater control over the look, layout, content and delivery of your total compensa-tion statements. Custom statements include both graphic design services as well as printing and fulfillment services and are designed to accommodate a full array of complex benefit plans. Options include personalized messages to different employee groups, enhanced benefit plan descriptions, single or multi-page statements, print or electronic delivery and more.

  • There are three formats from which to choose…booklet, brochure and letter-size (for electronic statements)
  •  Layouts are available as single or multi-page statements
  • Additional design options include custom color palettes, choice of fonts, image gallery and more
  •  Statements provide a choice of delivery options including printing and fulfillment services as well as secure online delivery
  • Custom statements are created to fit your company’s brand and design aesthetic

All statements can include…

  • Message from the Company: Includes a personal message from your company. Create your own message or choose and modify one of our custom messages to fit your company’s needs.
  • Total Compensation Graph: Includes personalized total compensation value and custom graph on each statement.
  • Employer Provided/Shared Insurance Benefits: Highlights all employer provided/shared insurance plans including medical, dental, vision, life, short and long term disability, long-term care, etc.
  • Retirement Plan Contributions: Highlights employee & employer contributions for all retirement plans. (Custom statements include additional information…see below.)
  • Statutory Benefits: Includes Social Security/Medicare contributions, worker compensation, state & federal unemployment.
  • Individual Enrollment Status: Confirm individual enrollment status, plan election and employer cost for each benefit (can also include employee cost).
  • Eligibility Rules: Confine benefits that apply to a specific group (cell phone allowance, uniforms, etc.) or executive benefits (bonuses, other retirement, etc.) only on statements of employees eligible for that benefit.
  • Secure Data Transfer: We use the highest level of online security practices to ensure our client’s data is secure and safe.
  • Statements in Spanish (fee applies): Statements are available in Spanish for an additional fee.
  • PDF copies of statements: On-Demand statements are delivered to you in PDF file so you can print and distribute to employees in-house. PDF copies of Custom statements can be requested at the time of delivery.
  • Statement-Builder™: Layout & design editor created to help you build the perfect statement for your company.

Custom statements can also include…

  • Customized Message from the Company: Customize your message to different employee groups for an even more personalized touch.
  • Electronic Statements: We securely deliver statements to employees online.
  • Complete Fulfillment Services: Statements are printed and mailed to employee’s home address or shipped to you for distribution.
  • Retirement Plan Projections: Conservative, hypothetical retirement projections that encourage employee participation and savings.
  • Retirement Eligible Illustrations: Optional illustration designed to encourage employees who are eligible but not currently participating to enroll in the plan. Includes “cost of waiting” illustrations.
  • Voluntary Benefit Enrollment Status: List available voluntary plans and indicate enrollment status.
  • Personalized Benefit Plan Descriptions:Personalized summary benefit descriptions based on employee’s individual elections for a very personalized touch.
  • Custom Graphic Design Services (fee may apply): Statements created exclusively for your company to support and enhance your current branding and corporate identity.

Please click to view and download the Total Compensation Statement (TCS) Guide below. The guide provides…

  • an overview of the process;
  • a general list of employee data needed to produce statements;
  • FAQs;
  • a general timeline.

Total Compensation Statements (TCS) Guide

On-Demand statements are $3.00 per employee with a minimum fee of $700. We also offer large case discounts.

Custom statements provide so many options, it’s important know your preferences so we can give an accurate quote. Please request a quick, no obligation quote.

It typically takes three to six weeks depending on the complexity of the statements. On-Demand statements usually take less time than Custom statements. Here is a quick timeline of the process…

Step 1: Initial Review (one-two weeks)

Once spreadsheets are received, we sort through the files testing for data integrity, integrating it into our systems and performing calculations. Since we often receive multiple spreadsheets, systems are in place to assure the accuracy of consolidated data.

Step 2: Testing the Data (one-two weeks)

Our system is designed to check for any data inconsistencies and if found, we will advise and request clarification. Any additional data questions are addressed at this time.

Custom Statement Design: The initial statement draft is sent to you for layout and design approval. You may make changes, suggestions and revisions to the first draft of the statement and we will revise and resend. (No actual data is populated in this phase.)

Step 3: Populating the Data (one-two weeks)

We populate the statements with your data and send a random sampling of actual statements for your review. You may also provide a list of names for employee statements you want to review.

In this phase, you will still have the opportunity to make changes and revisions. We will update and resend until you approve and release the statements for delivery.

Step 4: Statement Delivery (one-two weeks)

Once statements are released by you, we prep for delivery. On-Demand statements are securely sent to you in a PDF file through the portal. Printed statements are inserted into custom envelopes and mailed to the employee’s home address. Printed statements can also be boxed and shipped to you for distribution. Custom Electronic statements are delivered through our secure portal or provided to you for distribution.

Statement-Builder™ is a layout and design editor created to help you build the perfect total compensation statement for your organization option-by-option. With Statement-Builder™, you can…

  • select your format;
  • choose a layout…brochure, booklet or letter-size;
  • choose single or multi-page statements;
  • select a cover design from our catalog or upload your own image for use on the cover;
  • personalize the color palette;
  • choose your font;
  • upload your logo;

Also use Statement-Builder™ to generate a personalized quote for Custom statements. There is no obligation on your part so feel free to view the options. Get started…

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