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About Our Clients

We work with a variety of companies ranging in size 15 to 15,000+. Contact us and we will send you an impressive client and reference list. We think you will find that the quality of the companies who trust us to provide their benefit communication services coupled with the glowing reviews for our products, is our greatest marketing tool!

The “wow” comments are pouring in. My boss said, “It’s a thing of beauty!” Although I had seen the development of the statement at each stage, I had my own “wow” moment when I opened mine. Great job and we are very pleased! Thank you for your most excellent guidance throughout the project and all of your hard work.

We have a client that is contemplating some total compensation statements at some point this year. Could you provide some samples that we could forward to them? I’d like to share these with them while making glowing remarks about you and your firm.

I received my statement yesterday and all I can say is AMAZING. Great job! Thank you so much for everything.

It was a pleasure working with you and Betsy. Our employees have given us a great deal of positive feedback on the statements, and we’re so pleased with the quality and the process! I would be happy to be a client reference for you. :) Just let me know anytime. I will be sure to recommend your services to others as well.

The statements are excellent!!!  Thanks for everything!  You’ve been GREAT to work with!

This is turning out awesome I am so pleased so far with everything… I just worked with my outsourced PEO on answering some of the questions and they love it too!

The entire project went more smoothly than I expected and I appreciate the responsiveness and positive communication!

Your shop is a well-oiled machine. We were just looking at the output too – amazing!

We are hearing nothing but rave reviews as people receive their statements! The statements are a leap forward for us and I’m so pleased. I also hope I adequately conveyed to you how wonderful it was to work with you and how easy you made the entire process for us. It was a very good experience overall and exceeded my expectations.

I appreciate how responsive you were to all my questions – and I really appreciate the extra effort you made to meet my timeline. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

We are all good to go! They turned out great as always.

Employees have been receiving their statements this week and we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback. It’s been great to work with you and Betsy!

Thank you for this update. I have kept in touch with our client on this project and have heard great things!

I have already heard a few people tell me how much they enjoyed receiving the information. I would like to circle back with you in January of next year to get this process started earlier in the year. Thanks for all your hard work!

First Design Proof:  So far, I LOVE it!!! I have given a copy to my manager, so we will be going through it together today or Monday. Follow up from Review:  Everyone loves the statements!! I have met with my manager and we have just some minor revision requests at this point.

Thank you for ALL of your efforts on our first TRS’s!

Can you send me an electronic copy of the sample statements?  I have a meeting with the HR Directors from the other 8 agencies across Tennessee this week and want to share your work.

Thanks so much for your message!  The final statements looked terrific – we were so pleased with the final result.

Thank you for the final file.  We have enjoyed working with you as well and appreciate you and Betsy’s help throughout the process!

You are awesome!  It looks good to me.  Let’s move forward!  PS – I am at a meeting with other directors and they love your service.  We should talk later.

We were very pleased with the final product. The template that you sent made it so much easier to gather the information. Also, having the secure portal was great. I want to thank you and Betsy for all of your hard work in putting these together for us.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team!  I will definitely spread the word around on what a great job The CBC Group does on compensation statements.  We intend to produce these on an annual basis for our client – the next occurring around February to capture 1/1 new elections.

 We have many, many more reviews if you need them…just get in touch!

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