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Print or Online Statements?

We can successfully communicate and promote your employee benefit programs in print and online. Both methods offer unique advantages and flexibility in content and design. So which should you choose for your total compensation statements?

Here are a few things to consider with printed statements…

  • In a world of perpetual emails, receiving a personalized document in the mail attracts attention…it creates more of an “event”.
  • Sending personalized materials to your employees’ home helps increase spouse appreciation and involvement.
  • Personalized printed materials add importance and credibility to a document.
  • Printed communications may be more accessible for some employees.

Here are a few of the advantages of Online statements…

  • Information is more easily updated with online communications.
  • Online communications are often more cost effective (no printing costs).
  • Online communications can be downloaded and printed by employees.
  • Additional, more in-depth information can be shared with employees.
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