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Enrollment Confirmation Statements are the final step in the open enrollment process and can quickly and affordably help assure the accuracy of the new enrollment data. These personalized statements are sent to employees when the enrollment period closes and confirm their individual benefit elections and payroll deductions.
Introducing a new Hybrid Enrollment/Total Compensation statement!

What are the options for Confirmation Statements?

There are two layouts for Enrollment Confirmation statements…Letter-sized & Booklet.

  • statements include all relevant information such as individual elections, payroll deductions, covered dependents, beneficiaries, post enrollment instructions, contacts and more;
  • Letter-sized Statements are designed for easy viewing and printing and offer multiple delivery options.
  • Booklet Statements offer more creative design options and are designed to be printed and mailed to your employees.

And we have just introduced a new hybrid statement! These new statements combine the documentation of the enrollment confirmation statements with the personalized earnings and benefits value found in the total compensation statements. Available in letter-sized statements.

Statement Options

Letter-Sized Statements

  • two or three 8.5″ x 11″ sheets
  • designed to look good in print or on-screen
  • two delivery options…
  1. delivered to you in print-ready PDF file;
  2. printed and mailed to employees;
  3. securely emailed to employees (electronic)

Printed Booklet

  • single or multi-page statements
  • landscape sheet folded to final size of 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • printed on #80 cover weight, semi-gloss stock
  • delivered in custom 6″ x 9″ envelopes

How much do Confirmation statements cost?

Letter-Sized statements start at $3.00 per employee with a minimum fee of $700. Printed booklets provide more options so it’s important know your preferences so we can give an accurate quote. Large case discounts are available for Enrollment Confirmation statements and we frequently offer incentives towards statements so sign up to receive these special offers.

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